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Police Emergency
On-campus phone 911
Off-campus Call (301) 405-3333
(UMD Police) or 911
Non-Emergency Call:
(301) 405-3555
Other Police Numbers

Fire Emergency
Dial 911

Police On-campus contingency phone call:
(301) 403-4543 or
(301) 403-4544

University Health Center
(301) 314-8180

UMD ALERTS: www.alert.umd.edu



Emergency Preparedness > Emergency Procedures and Action Plans <- You Are Here

The University Community will be notified of emergencies via:

  • Text and e-mail messaging via alert.umd.edu
  • Early Warning Siren System
  • Alertus System

The University Community can gather additional emergency information at:

  • www.umd.edu
  • 88.1 WMUC
  • 1640 AM Radio
  • 301.405.SNOW
  • Campus Cable Channel 76

For more information on UMD Alert, please visit www.alert.umd.edu or send a text message to 411911 with the subject as UMD.

The Early Warning Siren System is designed to alert persons outside of buildings to seek shelter and once in shelter to seek information on the nature of the emergency. The siren has one steady tone that will sound for a minimum of three minutes.

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