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Police Emergency
On-campus phone 911
Off-campus Call (301) 405-3333
(UMD Police) or 911
Non-Emergency Call:
(301) 405-3555
Other Police Numbers

Fire Emergency
Dial 911

Police On-campus contingency phone call:
(301) 403-4543 or
(301) 403-4544

University Health Center
(301) 314-8180

UMD ALERTS: www.alert.umd.edu



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UMD Emergency Operations Plan

The University of Maryland Emergency Operations Plan identifies the University's emergency planning, organization, and response policies and procedures. The plan also addresses the integration and coordination with other governmental levels when required.

Table of Contents [pdf]

Introduction [pdf]
Concept of Operations [pdf]
UMD Relationship to the System [pdf]
Hazard Analysis [pdf]
Hazard Matrices and Department Responsibilities [pdf]
Standard Operating Procedure Development [pdf]
Training and Exercise [pdf]
General Information [pdf]
Appendices [pdf]

I. Plan Concurrence
II. Letter of Promulgation
III. Evacuation Plan
IV. BETA Group Brochure
V. UMD Alert: Be Prepared Guide
VI. CALEA UMDPS Recertification Letter
VII. USM Administration and Board of Regents Information

Download Complete Document PDF Version here

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