12 Terps who inspire

From surviving cancer to pursuing their academic dreams despite some of life’s greatest challenges, UMD students exemplify tenacity, drive and passion. Check out 12 fearless stories of triumph and be inspired to dream big. #TerpsInspire

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Jovy Batong
Ian Tolino
Katy Dodds
john gillick
Christopher Gaines
Beena Raghavendran
Lenaya StewarT
Peter Dunlop
Moriamo Akibu
Wendell English
Fang Cao
Melissa Romero

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The Inspiration / John Gillick
The Veteran / Jovy Batong
The Advocate / Christopher Gaines

“If I can inspire a kid to go to college, we may not see the result for 10 to 12 years, but it will be worth it.” – John Gillick

The Straight Talker / Ian Tolino
The True Believer / Benna Raghavendran
The Comeback Kid / Katy Dodds

“What I would want people to know when they see me is that there’s more to me than just my disability or my gait.” – Christopher Gaines

The Thinker / Wendell English
The Poet / Lenaya Stewart
The Scholar / Fang Cao

“I’m able to connect with people and the way I’m able to be successful is because I’m able to express things I’ve been through.” – Lenaya Stewart

The Visionary / Peter Dunlop
The Survivor / Melissa Romero
The Performer / Moriamo Akibu

“You see how much of a difference your couple hours a day makes to these families...you can’t help but be involved.” – Peter Dunlop