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Equity Council Members

Name Equity Administrator
for Unit
Address E-Mail Phone
Kumea Shorter-Gooden
Chair, Equity Council 1119 Main Administration 301-405-6810
Mark G. Brimhall Division of Academic Affairs 1127A Main Administration Building 301-405-6810
Coke Farmer School of Public Health 2351F School of Public Health Building x52473
Vanessa Pham Greer School of Public Health 2242G School of Public Health Building x52443
Carolyn Trimble Division of Administration and Finance 3100 Chesapeake Building x55648
Maggie Rodriguez College of Information Studies 4105 Hornbake Library x52035
Brooke Supple Division of Student Affairs 2108M Mitchell Building x48437
Susan Taylor School of Business S2240 Van Munching Hall x52240
Bobvita Salters School of Business 2570 C Van Munching Hall x59571
Cynthia Tucker Office of the President 4205 John S. Toll Physics Building x50805
Barbara Duncan College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 1122 Symons Hall x50044
Ingrid Farrell School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation 1200 Architecture Building x56310
Kim Nickerson College of Behavioral & Social Sciences 2141 Tydings Hall x57599
Lynn Mullineaux Office of Information Technology 1124 Patuxent Building x54405
Olcan C. Hollister College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences 2320 Symons Hall x52083
Wendy Jacobs College of Arts & Humanities 1102 Francis Scott Key Hall x52345
Kathy Cavanaugh College of Arts & Humanities 1102 Francis Scott Key Hall x52116
Margaret McLaughlin College of Education 1308 Benjamin Building x52337
Sharon K. Epps University Libraries 7105 Mckeldin Library 301-405-9177
Lisa J. Kiely Undergraduate Studies 2110 Marie Mount Hall 301-405-0966
Peter Kofinas School of Engineering 1120 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building 301-405-7335
William Powers School of Public Policy 2101E Van Munching Hall x56336
Olive Reid College of Journalism 1117 Journalism Building x52433
Lisa M. Lepore Division of University Relations 3144 Riggs Alumni Center 301-405-2532
Jeffrey Allen Snider Division of Research 2126B Lee Building 301-405-0916
Kyland Howard n/a 1100 Mitchell Building x55593

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