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These programs reflect the university’s direct impact in the community and provide links to the many activities where faculty, staff and students extend into the community across the state and nation to share their research and expertise.

University of Maryland Outreach

Please use the links provided below to navigate the outreach listings by school/department, category or program. You can search for a specific outreach program using the search field above.

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All Environment Outreach Programs:

Please click on the links below to go to outreach websites (where available).
  1. 4-H Youth Development
  2. Agricultural Nutrient Management Program
  3. Baltimore Active Living Teens Study
  4. Bay-Wise Landscape Management Program
  5. Center for Heritage Resource Studies
  6. Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER)
  7. Coastal and Marine Resources
  8. Culture and Resource Management on the Chesapeake Bay
  9. Forest Stewardship Education
  10. General Forestry Online Course
  11. Home and Garden Information Center
  12. Housing and Community Development
  13. International Urban Development
  14. Land Use and the Environment
  15. Linking Agriculture, Natural Resources, and the Environment
  16. Looking Ahead to Maryland 2050: Living in Our Environment
  17. Maryland Cooperative Extension Child Care and After-School Programs
  18. Maryland Master Gardeners
  19. Maryland Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  20. Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program
  21. National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education
  22. Natural Resources & Water Quality Publications
  23. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
  24. Riparian Buffer Systems
  25. Testing Associations Between Physical Activity and the Urban Built Environment
  26. Transportation and Public Health
  27. Trends in Maryland Housing Markets
  28. Water Quality
  29. Water Quality Education Programs

Schools/Departments Associated with Environment Outreach Programs:
Please click on the links below to view all programs associated with the school or department.

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Maryland Cooperative Extension
School of Public Health
School of Public Policy