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These programs reflect the university’s direct impact in the community and provide links to the many activities where faculty, staff and students extend into the community across the state and nation to share their research and expertise.

University of Maryland Outreach

Please use the links provided below to navigate the outreach listings by school/department, category or program. You can search for a specific outreach program using the search field above.

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All Education Outreach Programs:

Please click on the links below to go to outreach websites (where available).
  1. Barrio de Langley Park
  2. Bioscience Research & Technology Review Day
  3. CIO Forum (Annual Conference)
  4. Center for International Business Education and Research
  5. Chemathon
  6. Choreographer Showcase
  7. Cohort Degree/Non-Degree Programs
  8. Continuing Education for Professionals in Hearing and Speech
  9. Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries
  10. Custom Executive Education
  11. Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
  12. EXCELS Experiential Collaboration & Education in the Life Sciences
  13. Educational Technology Outreach
  14. Entomology Educational Outreach
  15. Freshmen First
  16. ICONS (International Communication and Negotiation Simulations) Project
  17. Integrated Pest Management
  18. Jump Start Program
  19. K-16 Center
  20. Lakeland STARS
  21. MBA Consulting Program
  22. MRSEC Education Outreach
  23. Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education (MIMAUE)
  24. Music Education Division School University Partnership
  25. Music Technology Lab
  26. National History Day
  27. Netcentricity Conference (Annual Conference)
  28. Pesticide Education and Assessment Program
  29. Plant Diagnostic Laboratory (PDL)
  30. Plant Nematology Laboratory
  31. Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST)
  32. REACTS: Reaching Educators for the Advancement of Chemistry Teaching Statewide
  33. Research@Smith Online
  34. Science in the Evening
  35. Seminars for Teachers
  36. Senior Volunteer Service Corps
  37. Smith School Podcasts
  38. The Best Major Football and Men's Basketball Programs at Providing Students Opportunities for Academic and Athletic Success
  39. Web-based Master of Life Sciences
  40. Young Scholars Discovery
  41. Young Scholars Program

Schools/Departments Associated with Education Outreach Programs:
Please click on the links below to view all programs associated with the school or department.

College Park Scholars
College of Arts and Humanities
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
College of Chemical and Life Sciences
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
College of Education
Conferences and Visitor Services
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Office of Extended Studies
The Smith School of Business