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McKeldin Library

These programs reflect the university’s direct impact in the community and provide links to the many activities where faculty, staff and students extend into the community across the state and nation to share their research and expertise.

University of Maryland Outreach

Please use the links provided below to navigate the outreach listings by school/department, category or program. You can search for a specific outreach program using the search field above.

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Outreach Program List:

Please click on the links below to view all schools/departments associated with the programs.
  1. "Curse of the Starving Class"
  2. 4-H Youth Development
  3. Academy for Excellence in Local Governance
  4. Academy of Leadership
  5. African American Leadership Institute (AALI)
  6. African American Women's Health Study
  7. Ag Nutrient Management Program
  8. Agricultural Nutrient Management Program
  9. American Association of Bovine Practitoners
  10. Archaeology in Annapolis
  11. Baltimore Active Living Teens Study
  12. Barrio de Langley Park
  13. Bay-Wise Landscape Management Program
  14. Bebe Miller, "Landing/Place"
  15. Bioscience Research & Technology Review Day
  16. Blair Thomas, "The Ox-Herder's Tale"
  17. Body Fun
  18. CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
  19. CIDCM's Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding Projects
  20. CIO Forum (Annual Conference)
  21. Center for Agrosecurity and Emergency Management
  22. Center for Electronic Markets and Enterprises
  23. Center for Excellence in Service
  24. Center for Health Behavior Research
  25. Center for Health Information and Decision Systems
  26. Center for Healthy Families (formerly Family Service Center)
  27. Center for Heritage Resource Studies
  28. Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology
  29. Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)
  30. Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER)
  31. Center for International Business Education and Research
  32. Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM)
  33. Center for Public Policy & Private Enterprise (CPPPE)
  34. Chemathon
  35. Children's Developmental Clinic (runs on Saturday mornings) 301-405-2442
  36. Chillum Internship Program
  37. Choreographer Showcase
  38. Clark School Corporate Partners Program
  39. Coastal and Marine Resources
  40. Cohort Degree/Non-Degree Programs
  41. Community Based Discovery Research
  42. Community-Wealth.org
  43. Confucius Institute at Maryland Chinese Language Courses
  44. Confucius Institute at Maryland Summer Camp for kids ages 7-14
  45. Continuing Education for Professionals in Hearing and Speech
  46. Cooperative Archaeology Programs Between the University of Maryland and the National Park Service
  47. Cropping Systems Research and Extension
  48. Crops, Farm Animals & Nursery Publications
  49. Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries
  50. Culture and Resource Management on the Chesapeake Bay
  51. Custom Executive Education
  52. Dairy-L Email Community
  53. David Gonzalez & Poetic License Band
  54. Delmarva Gardens
  55. Dianne White, "This is Her Story"
  56. Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
  57. Doug Varone & Dancers
  58. Driskell Center
  59. EXCELS Experiential Collaboration & Education in the Life Sciences
  60. Eat Smart, Be Fit Maryland
  61. Educational Technology Outreach
  62. Eiko & Koma, Cambodian Stories
  63. Entomology Educational Outreach
  64. Equine Studies
  65. Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
  66. Family Life & Community Publications
  67. Food Processing and Safety Engineering
  68. Food Safety
  69. Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNP)
  70. Food, Nutrition & Health Publications
  71. Forest Stewardship Education
  72. Freshmen First
  73. General Forestry Online Course
  74. Home and Garden Information Center
  75. Housing and Community Development
  76. Howard Peters Rawlings Center for Public Leadership
  77. ICONS (International Communication and Negotiation Simulations) Project
  78. IPMnet (Integrated Pest Management)
  79. Insect Summer Camp
  80. Institute for Global Chinese Affairs Leadership Development Programs
  81. Institute for Governmental Service and Research
  82. Institute of Advanced Law Enforcement Studies
  83. Instrumentation Analytical Services - NMR, EPR, Mass Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  84. Integrated Pest Management
  85. International Film Series
  86. International Leadership Association
  87. International Urban Development
  88. International Young Scholars Program
  89. James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
  90. Jerry Whiddon, "The Crucible"
  91. Jose Limón Dance Company
  92. Jump Start Program
  93. K-16 Center
  94. Lakeland STARS
  95. Land Use and Agricultural Land Preservation Program
  96. Land Use and the Environment
  97. Latin American Studies Center Community Outreach Program
  98. Latin American Studies Langley Park Project
  99. Lawn, Garden & Home Publications
  100. Linking Agriculture, Natural Resources, and the Environment
  101. Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
  102. Looking Ahead to Maryland 2050: Living in Our Environment
  103. MBA Consulting Program
  104. MRSEC Education Outreach
  105. Maryland Cooperative Extension Child Care and After-School Programs
  106. Maryland English Institute Courses
  107. Maryland English Institute English for Teaching Seminar
  108. Maryland English Institute Speaking Partners Program
  109. Maryland Food Safety Services
  110. Maryland Forages Program
  111. Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education (MIMAUE)
  112. Maryland Integrated Pest Management
  113. Maryland Master Gardeners
  114. Maryland Nutrient Resources Network
  115. Maryland Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  116. Maryland Rural Families Speak
  117. Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program
  118. Maryland Small Ruminant Page
  119. Maryland Sustainable Agriculture
  120. Maryland Vegatables
  121. Maryland Viticulture & Fruit
  122. Maryland Weed Science
  123. Maryland's Agricultural Leadership Development Program
  124. MarylandAgriculture.info
  125. Master of Chemical and Life Sciences
  126. Mid-Atlantic Animal Consortium
  127. Mid-Atlantic Animal Nutrition Conference
  128. Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference
  129. Music Education Division School University Partnership
  130. Music Technology Lab
  131. National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education
  132. National History Day
  133. Natural Resources & Water Quality Publications
  134. Netcentricity Conference (Annual Conference)
  135. Netcentricity Laboratories
  136. New Markets Growth Fund
  137. Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
  138. Northwood Collaboration
  139. Nursery and Greenhouse Water and Nutrient Management
  140. Nutrient Management for Maryland Professional Edition
  141. Obesity: A Public & Family Health Issue
  142. Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals
  143. Pesticide Education and Assessment Program
  144. Placing Space
  145. Plant Diagnostic Laboratory (PDL)
  146. Plant Nematology Laboratory
  147. Poultry Behavior and Welfare Program
  148. Professional Writing Group
  149. Program for Intelligence Research and Education (PIRE)
  150. Program on the Economics of Crime and Justice Policy
  151. Programs for Youth
  152. Public Health Informatics Research Laboratory
  153. Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST)
  154. REACTS: Reaching Educators for the Advancement of Chemistry Teaching Statewide
  155. Research@Smith Online
  156. Riparian Buffer Systems
  157. Ryan Brown, Opera Lafayette
  158. Scholars on the Hill
  159. Science in the Evening
  160. Science in the Evening
  161. Sekou Sundiata, 51st (dream) state
  162. Seminars for Teachers
  163. Seminars for Teachers
  164. Senior Volunteer Service Corps
  165. Service Day
  166. Shakespeare Camp
  167. Shakespeare Monologue Competition for Middle School Students
  168. SheepGoatMarketing.info
  169. Sloan Biotechnology Industry Center (SBIC)
  170. Small Farm Institute
  171. Small Farm Success Project
  172. Smith School Expert Directory
  173. Smith School Podcasts
  174. Speech and Hearing Clinics and LEAP Preschool
  175. State Strengthing Program
  176. Supply Chain Management Center
  177. Sustainable Agriculture
  178. Terrapin Pride Day
  179. Testing Associations Between Physical Activity and the Urban Built Environment
  180. The American Piano
  181. The Best Major Football and Men's Basketball Programs at Providing Students Opportunities for Academic and Athletic Success
  182. The Center for American Politics and Citizenship
  183. The Controlling Dangerous Pathogens Project
  184. The Cultural Systems Analysis Group
  185. The Driskell Center's Community
  186. The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)
  187. Topics in Food Safety
  188. Transportation and Public Health
  189. Trends in Maryland Housing Markets
  190. U.S. Climate Policy Blueprint
  191. UM International Events Calendar
  192. UM International Programs Forum
  193. UM Observatory Open House
  194. University of Maryland Group Tours
  195. Walk Across Maryland
  196. Water Quality
  197. Water Quality Education Programs
  198. Web-based Master of Life Sciences
  199. Welfare Reform Academy
  200. Young Scholars Discovery
  201. Young Scholars Program