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There are a number of dates throughout the Fall 2018 semester and beyond that illustrate the relevant events and actions associated with adenovirus at the University of Maryland.


November 1, 2018:

  • University Health Center made aware by a local hospital of one isolated case of a UMD student with adenovirus.

November 5, 2018:

  • University Health Center recommends testing to a different local hospital on another ill student who had been admitted. University Health Center staff continues communicating with the hospital staff to heighten awareness of the illness.

November 7, 2018:

  • The University Health Center, Residential Facilities, Facilities Management, Athletics, RecWell, Dining Services and The Stamp begin increasing cleaning of high-touch surfaces and restrooms in university buildings.

November 9, 2018:

  • University Health Center advises campus community on how to practice effective prevention techniques during cold, flu and virus season.

November 12, 2018:

  • UMD informed of positive adenovirus test from the hospital noted above, the second positive test of a UMD student.

November 12-13, 2018:

  • University Health Center officials begin consulting with Maryland Department of Health on the 12th and with Prince George's County Health Department on the 13th to monitor for cases and discuss preventive measures.

November 13 & 15, 2018:

  • UMD received results for two additional students tested at the University Health Center and one from a local hospital, all three positive for adenovirus.

November 17, 2018:

  • UMD made now aware of five total cases of students with adenovirus.

November 19, 2018:

  • UMD now made aware of six total cases of students with adenovirus. The six students lived both on and off campus, in residence halls and private residences.
  • University Health Center learns from the CDC that one specimen from campus has been identified as adenovirus 7, a strain that may cause more severe illness. Additional specimens are still being tested by the CDC.
  • University Health Center alerts campus community of reports of six cases of UMD students with an adenovirus-associated illness and reiterates previous message with important precautions to stay healthy.

November 20, 2018:

  • With permission from the family, University Health Center informs the campus community that a UMD student recently passed away from adenovirus associated illness, and urges campus community to take preventive measures, especially those with chronic medical problems or compromised immune systems.

November 26, 2018:

  • UMD officials meet with Public Health authorities to discuss adenovirus communications and appropriate measures.
  • University Health Center updates the campus community on additional cases of adenovirus and reiterates importance of taking precautionary measures.

November 27, 2018:

  • UMD officials continue meetings with Public Health authorities, who affirm the university’s actions and communications to-date.

November 29, 2018:

  • Four of five additional samples sent to the CDC test positive for adenovirus 7. Four additional samples are with CDC for testing.
  • Department of Resident Life updates Elkton Hall residents, parents and families on mold remediation efforts completed on October 10, and responds to questions received about adenovirus.

November 30, 2018:

  • University Health Center sends additional prevention message to the campus community, and university departments post flyers in frequented locations across campus, such as the Health Center and Residence Halls.

December 3, 2018:

  • CDC informs the Maryland Department of Health and UMD that all specimens will no longer be tested for adenovirus 7. CDC to test selected specimens based on clinical criteria (clinical or x-ray proven pneumonia, those who are hospitalized, more severe disease).

December 4, 2018:

  • UMD officials continue to meet with public health officials to ensure appropriate communications and actions are being taken.
  • University Health Center sends a communication directly to students who have reported higher risk conditions to the University Health Center (asthma, diabetes, immune deficiency, immune-weakening medications) to remind them of the important precautions they should take.

December 5, 2018:

  • University Health Center is now aware of 30 confirmed cases of UMD students who have had adenovirus, including eight students who have been hospitalized at some point and four confirmed cases of adenovirus 7.

December 12, 2018:

  • University Health Center advises campus community of precautions to take while traveling and home for Winter Break. There have been 35 cases of UMD students who have tested positive for adenovirus by the UHC or by an outside physician, and at this time there are no known hospitalizations. Ten of 11 specimens sent to the CDC have been confirmed as adenovirus 7. The CDC has requested specimens only be sent on individuals with pneumonia, severe disease or who are hospitalized.

December 18, 2018:

  • There have been 40 cases of UMD students who have tested positive for adenovirus by the UHC or an outside physician, including one who is currently hospitalized. UHC is working with students and professors to assist in potential delays or extensions for final exams.

January 7-19, 2019:

  • Residential Facilities expands the standard Winter Break residence hall cleaning program beyond typical cleaning practices to include disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces inside student rooms in support of the university’s broader efforts to prevent the spread of cold, flu, and other viruses, including adenovirus, on campus.

January 11, 2019:

  • University Health Center is made aware of 41 confirmed cases of UMD students who have tested positive for adenovirus by the UHC or an outside physician, 13 of which are adenovirus 7. At this time there were no known hospitalizations.

January 24, 2019:

  • University Health Center is now aware of 42 confirmed cases of UMD students who have tested positive for the adenovirus by UHC or an outside physician, 13 of which are adenovirus 7. In a campus-wide letter, students have been advised to continue to follow the health precautions outlined by the UHC, including staying home if they are experiencing symptoms, particularly a fever.

January 31, 2019:

  • Department of Residential Facilities developed a Moisture Control Plan to ensure moisture control and dehumidification in residence halls moving forward. Several permanent solutions and short-term measures were expedited, based on each building’s specific technical needs.

March 5, 2019:

  • Vice President of Student Affairs, Linda Clement writes a letter to the State of Maryland Education & Economic Development Subcommittee to address comments made about the presence of mold and adenovirus at the university during the Fall 2018 semester.

March 18-22, 2019:

  • Residential Facilities staff members installed portable dehumidifiers in seven residence halls, as part of Resident Life and Residential Facilities’ Moisture Control plan that was released on January 31, 2019.

April 10, 2019:

  • The University Health Center has tested a number of individuals for Adenovirus, and has had one positive test since the start of the Spring 2019 semester. This specimen is being sent to CDC to test for typing.

April 17, 2019:

  • University Health Center is now aware of 44 total confirmed cases of UMD students who have tested positive for Adenovirus by the UHC or an outside physician. At this time there are no hospitalizations, of which we are aware, and we continue to await typing from the April 10 case. Note: Adenovirus is one of many respiratory viruses that circulates in the population year round and its presence is common in a community of our size. We recommend that community members continue to follow the advice offered in our previous messages related to influenza-like illnesses.

April 26, 2019:

  • The specimen tested at CDC from April 10 was reported as type 3.

May 1, 2019:

  • The Maryland Department of Health confirms that the UMCP outbreak was over on January 9, 2019. MDH defines an adenovirus outbreak to be over when there are no new cases identified for 28 consecutive days.

May 16, 2019:

  • As we continue to test for Adenovirus in our community, we can expect to see positive results. The University Health Center is now aware of 45 total confirmed cases of UMD students who have tested positive for Adenovirus by the UHC or an outside physician. At this time there are no hospitalizations of which we are aware. Per guidance from health officials, we will not conduct Adenovirus typing.

August 13, 2019:

  • The University Health Center sends a welcome message to students who are known to have an underlying health issue, encouraging them to schedule a “Meet and Greet” with UHC staff and providers. 

September 2019:

  • UHC sends an email to all students to inform them of the availability of the flu vaccine, underscoring the importance of vaccination for students with chronic medical conditions.

November 5, 2019:

  • The University Health Center shares flu prevention tips with campus community, underscoring the importance of the flu shot for individuals with underlying health conditions or who take medications that suppress their immune system.


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